Partnered Vendors - Locked In Monthly Dues

Partnered Vendors - Locked In Monthly Dues

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PARTNERED VENDOR MONTHLY DUES - CLICK HERE to complete the FINAL FORM so that we have the exact information you want listed. Once paid, CLICK HERE to Join the Partnered Vendors FB Group! Save ORDER # - it will ask when you join. 

#PartneredVendor needs to be used at the top of your post to keep it from being declined. ALL images/photos must be watermarked. Using hashtags helps members search for partnered vendors inside the group. Highly recommend using hashtags with keywords of what you sell/offer because it will help when they are ISO something inside the group. We always want to send them to our partners.


  • HOW DO I CONTACT FOR HELP? You can reach our team by emailing 
  • IS THE APPLICATION FEE MY ONLY CHARGE? No. Partnered vendors are required to pay the monthly dues to stay listed as a “partnered vendor”. ALL Fees & Dues are NON-REFUNDABLE. Dues are monthly and must be paid by the 1st of each month.
  • WHAT ARE THE TERMS OF APPLICATION FEES? Application fees will not be reoccurring charge unless: you leave and come back or there has been a something that has come up and we will have to research your business again before you can be back on the list. We reserve the right to do this as we have oath to keep members safe and a moral obligation to make sure any and all vendors align with the values and morals Small Biz Besties, LLC standards.
  • WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS? Partners of Small Biz Besties, LLC, must be a legitimate business with correct licenses & have a website for customers to purchase.
  • WHAT IS THE DOCUSIGN FORM? This is a Terms of Service agreement for anyone who buys from our website, which includes “partnered vendors”. This is signing saying you agree to our terms of business. Only needs to be signed ONCE A YEAR.
  • WHAT ARE ACCEPTABLE PAYMENT METHODS? We do NOT allow Venmo, Zelle, Cash App or PayPal Friends & Family. Payments taken by our members/followers must come from secure websites and/or PayPal Business. This is everyone involved, buyer and seller are protected in some way if issues occur.
  • WHAT IF I AM REPORTED BY A MEMBER? If you have any issues or are unable to keep a good standing with our people, you will/can be removed at any time.
  • WHAT IF I GO OUTSIDE MY TAT? If you tend to go outside of your listed turnaround times this isn’t the right partnership for our businesses. This includes taking on more orders when behind on previous unfulfilled orders people/customers have paid for.
  • WHAT IF I HAVE BEEN REPORTED BEFORE? If you have ANY issues of any kind as of now with customers or other sellers, this must be resolved before you can be approved. Please wait until this is handled before you apply.
  • HOW ARE APPLICATIONS REVIEWED? Our team will read and review your application. We cross reference buyer beware groups, groups like ours, review groups, the small shop community, other online platforms and/or detailed internet searches to make sure everyone is in good standing and has active business licenses.
  • WHY AM I CHARGED A FEE? This small fee helps compensate for the time we spend researching each vendor. This is a tedious process which means every vendor on our list is within good standing. We hope this encourages vendors to apply, as your name will only be listed with those we have personally researched and found to be acceptable and honest businesses.
  • WHY MONTHLY DUES? Monthly dues are for advertising fees. We take the time to make files for our subscribers, group members and followers. Your business will be on the “pinned Post” located at the top of the main group. This list is also listed for FREE as a downloadable file for anyone to purchase.
  • HOW DOES THIS BENEFIT ME? We only allow “partnered vendors” to post products, drop links, and/or advertise their business in our main group. This list is used to direct members/followers to “partnered vendors” across multiple platforms and our other businesses.
  • WHEN ARE PAYMENTS DUE? Payments are due 1st of each month, no matter when you sign up. We only choose a certain number of vendors for our list. This will be a reoccurring monthly application process.
  • WHERE CAN I ADVERTISE/POST? Partners can post in the Main Group and our Destash/ISO, Buyer-Seller Group.  
  • WHAT ARE POSTING REQUIRMENTS? Partners are allowed to post 1 “direct sales” post a day. Partners may post other things if “organic approaches” are used. Partners are asked to post tips-tricks and be active inside the group, these are not limited. This helps members earn your trust.  Seeing your name more inside the group will help them know you are someone who cares. The idea of each post should be to “funnel” members to your own group/website. We do NOT allow direct sales inside of the group.
  • WHY WATERMARKS? We require watermarks on everything posted in our group. This helps protect everything that is posted, as we have over 25k members inside the group and people will steal anything, even selfies or random photos. We do this to keep the group and yourself, SAFE.
  • HOW LONG AM I APPROVED? Approval as a “partnered vendor” will be from the 1st of each month to the last day of the month. Applications will open again for everyone to reapply during the last two weeks of the month.
  • WHAT ARE THE PARTNERED VENDOR TYPES? We accept all types of vendors. We do have a "cap/limit" on how many we allow each month on each specific category. When filling out your application you will be able to see and choose the category you want to be listed under. If you want to be in more than one category, then you will need to pay dues and at the (one time) application fees for each category you choose. 
  • WHAT IS EXPECTED FOR WHOLESALERS? We only accept "true wholesale vendor's" true wholesale is requiring your buyers to have a sale tax certificate (each state has a different name) in order to purchase from your store. If you are not running a Legit Wholesale Business and requiring proper licenses from your customers, you CAN NOT be a wholesale vendor for Small Biz Besties, LLC.
  • WHAT IF I WANT TO BE LISTED UNDER MULTIPLE CATEGORIES? If you would like to be on the list more than once, as in listed in multiple categories, you will need to pay for each "vendor type" you are applying for. Example: you sell wholesale shirts but also sell screen print transfers that are non-wholesale but would like to be listed in both places.
  • WHAT IF I AM GIVING A DISCOUNT? We will provide the "code" for vendors to add to their site. We change the code every month to keep those who leave our Mentorship Program, from being able to use the code. 
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