Looking for help with you small business? Even if you do not have one and you are not sure where to start, this is the right place for you. Our program offers many incentives and has a full team of admins, well known small shop vendors, and even small business owners such as a CPA, Website Builder, Graphic Designers, and Virtual Assistants. All whom offer discounts and special incentives to our VIP members. Our list grows daily! 

With our SKILL UP PROGRAM - you get full access to Whitney Sims & Chase Champagne, who can help you at any time. These two have built their small business from a small shop inside Whit's kitchen to a six-figure business in less than just a year. Once they realized, through many trials and errors, just how crucial it is to have the "right help" in the small business world, they knew they wanted to help others do the same. They reached out to small shop owners and vendors who helped them succeed and asked for their help with this program. You will get a full list and access to these people time you join. Most of the content and engagement is done inside the SKILL UP FACEBOOK GROUP. We recommend you join as soon as you sign up.

Our program is ever evolving, just like the small business world. Whit, Chase, the SBB Team along with small business experts - are working hard each day to bring you the best tools and discounts for your small business. 

Whit and Chase have a mission - that mission is simple. To help you succeed. Their passion is helping others and finding ways to make the small shop community a better place and a great experience for all.